Pahlaj did something in the 90s

O Laal Dupatta Wali Tera Naam toh bataa. I saw this legendary song today on TV very early morning. I would like to express my sincere love towards this anthem.

Allow me to describe the indescribable.

Firstly, I shall discuss the shirts the two heroes wore. Heroes: Chunky Pandey and Govinda. Silk and synthetic came together to create an unparalleled weave that has never been attempted since. The clothes shone with Kumar Sanu and Sudesh Bhosle’s vocals. The green melted into the orange. The orange turned into red. It was a soccer shirt design that was willingly left in the dyer compartment for a bit more. Expressive shirts.

The pants were, of course, pristine white. It had to be. The heroes were virginal, you see. Their idea about consorting with ladies remained limited to dancing in sunshine. Broad daylight. Very family conscious.

The dancing was a superb mix of Ganpati visarjan steps and traditional Hindi film break dancing. By Govinda. He was the younger brother and they usually adapt to such mixes and eclectic possibilities faster than the elder brothers. But here Pandey showed how he’s been one of the best support dancer in Hindi film dancing. He leaves the lofty eclectic possibilities to Govinda and concentrates on getting his body language right. The rhythm is there and so are the body shakes. Only it is stilted. Sparse. Support. Like Jadeja. Economical. Many famed dancers later like Kamal Sadanah and Salman Khan have learnt from this illustrious genius. I have also a distinct feeling that the revered Rajinikanth also learnt from him.

The ladies are there too. In a sequence, they are marching in high heels. The back up dancers walk in Mojris. I was a bit uncomfortable with the discrimination. Woman’s Day and all that, you know. Nevertheless, they are spirited. They are body lifted by the heroes and placed from one spot to another when they cannot keep up the dancing. It was very intimate.

One dance step I should mention separately. The heroes stick the hands of the ladies between their thighs and whip their hips back and forth. It was very original. I did not find any similar step anywhere in the annals of dance before or since. Indescribable. Surreal.

The eclectic dancing suddenly gets into Bhangra mode. They have a carpet. Red in color. On that, with violet crepe paper, they have written “Bangara Celebration”. Bangara is waste in Mumbaiyya. Well. The crepe paper flutters away as they dance. Celebrations go on. Very inspiring.

This song and the film was produced by a gentleman who now is the head of Central Board of Film Certification or the Censor Board as we know it. He knows. He knows his way to creating history. Time and again.

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