The chador and some dirty thoughts

Yesterday, a Mekhala chador came home courtesy a good friend. All the way from Assam. It is supposed to be worn with very nice sarees during winter evenings.

Missus. Wore it over a nightgown and posed in the mirror.

Aghast is an understatement. Double take is a hashtag trend. Stupefied is a better word than dignified.

The good people who have created this awesome handicraft will now sit in front of Jantar Mantar. As it is, they have a running problem. Ask half the country where Assam is or Meghalaya. They would start looking at the map from Kashmir. They would whip out Google and type in “Asam”. Then hope for Google to correct things as they went along. If one said Muga Chador, they could land up as far as Moong Dal Chutneywala. Where ever Google helpfully took them. So, Jantar Mantar it is. Maybe, even candle march. People would join in. Some would think someone has been molested. Others would think it’s to do with some place near Kupwara where another episode has taken place. Yet others would think it is a scientific name for Gau. Or another acronym like NaRiGa (NREGA). Or even RaGa in a new form.

Anything goes in this country.

See, I am not yet in ICU after seeing a Chador over a nightgown. Am I?

Now, let me go and understand how a Gaurakshak vahini will help Rajasthan increase its GDP. While it’s CM relaxes. With a glass of wine! No that’s not a new name for GauMutra. It’s Cabernet Sauvignon. Good old.

from my Facebook post this morning